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Tap into the potential of our platform with the InChart Trading Group Affiliate program

Stay ahead of your competition by offering something new and innovative to your clients. The more they trade with us, the more commission you’ll earn as our Partner.

Our Affiliate program is designed to maximize your revenues and turn your traffic into high-quality, active traders that build your business through one of the most lucrative Affiliate rebate packages around. Join our program, and InChart Trading Group provides you with:

A customized CPA model

Earn revenue with our affiliate model

Transparent management

Track the efficiency of your campaigns with detailed reports and monitor your earnings with our dedicated Affiliate client office.

Robust tools to increase conversion

Using our wide range of advanced marketing tools, boost your traffic with our customized widgets, tracking links, banners, live charts, and sentiment indicators, and more.

Dedicated Affiliate support

We’re driven to help you succeed. That’s why we’ll assign you a personal affiliate manager whose role is to help optimize your campaigns and conversion rates to help maximize your revenues.

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