Platform for Desktop

InChart Trading Group provides our clients access to the world’s financial markets via the popular WebTrader platform. WebTrader is an online platform that gives quick and easy access to the market.

Start trade in a few minutes:

Advanced Charting Tools

The WebTrader platform comes fully installed with an advanced charting package containing more than 30 technical indicators to support your trading decisions. What’s more, this charting package is fully configurable, allowing you to view single or multiple charts within one window.

Free Research Materials

Our live clients receive regular market updates alongside the latest analysts’ picks from our in-house research team and Trading Central.

Main Benefits

  • Free trading software that is easy to install
  • Multilingual – available in over 20 languages
  • Offers users access to many technical indicators, and what’s more, EAs are supported
  • Users can configure specific line studies to suit their needs
  • Backtest strategies with our historical database
  • Hedging trades is allowed and supported

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